Monday, November 17, 2003  

Hey, we have a new blogging home, check it out here.... Would love some comments on the new blog, even though it's still under construction. Cya.

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Sunday, November 16, 2003  

Surreal experience yesterday, watching the Aussies play the Kiwi's in the Rugby World cup while the commentary is in German - only in Europe. Great game as the Aussies won 9-22 and they are now in the final to play either England or France (looks like France at half time). The silence from the Kiwi contingent in this house was noted as they slinked from the room in the last half hour of play. Cya.

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Having a lazy Sunday morning at the moment, but we will be going into town to meet up with a friend, of a friend, of a friend. Yes, our good friend in Oz Bentley has a friend in the US who knows a woman in Czech and she rang the other night and we are meeting for lunch - talk about 6 degrees of separation. Cya.

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Thursday, November 13, 2003  

WiFe here we come - sorry WiFi - yes we now have WiFi in the house!!! So what does this mean, well I'm glad you asked, it means that we can have three people on line and receive phone calls all at the same time, ye ha. No more half way through something and being chucked off line - thanks Andrew (we had more trouble with my PC than all the Mac's put together, but we're there!!! Cya.

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Monday, November 10, 2003  

Had a phone call from Oz today, my good friend Neil Anderson - and before you say it, not Neil T Anderson! He is a good man and i miss him very much, but just to hear his voice was great. Also got a package from 'the messenger' our angel in England - Sunday Paper and magazines - thank you who ever you are.

We are all going through different levels of culture shock at the moment, please be patient with us if we share a lot about it on here, it's just helpful to share, hope you don't loose interest - pray for Dan today if you can. Cya.

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Sunday, November 09, 2003  

Had a great day today wandering the streets of Praha (must take my camera next time as this is a photo taken in September!). We then met up with a couple from Arizona for dessert (afternoon tea). Had a great chat and got to know some more incite into life in Czech - they've been here 8 years. It's wonderful to just learn from those who are in the know, or more in the know than us.

Realized in myself the pressure I feel when others quietly demand something from me as it just takes my back to times of old and my usual reactions return - anxiousness, confusion and anger. I don't really know what to do about it at the moment but, I feel the pressure when I'm letting people down and anger that they demand illegitimate things of me in the first place. Then again it's not about finding a cure, but engaging in the situation and trusting God in the process. Cya.

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Friday, November 07, 2003  

It’s getting cold in them there Czech hills…

One American couple left a card saying, “We are grateful for our new friends who have taught us a lot in such a short time and we look forward to continuing to share stories of God’s activities in our lives”, after staying for 3 nights and sharing life with us all at the house. A young Czech said, “I love your Pizza Party on Friday nights, it’s just like being part of a family and it’s so great just to be invited to be here. Do you think I could do this with my Christian and non Christian friends?” After an event at our house in which we brought together Polish, English and Czech Christians a Polish leader said, “We want you and Andrew to come and visit us in Poland to share, teach and minister. We would also love your whole families to be at the SLOT festival during the summer, we will make a space available so that you can teach and share your lives” (SLOT is an arts festival put on by Christians for the whole community to come too). A young lady said, “When I found out the news about my job, you were the first person I wanted to tell of the news”. But, on the other end of the spectrum is a statement from our Landlord, “You live like Gypsy’s (a terrible derogatory statement here) and you won’t see the end of your lease in 2005”. Interesting, but the last one is the one that stays with me the longest.

Some very different experiences and statements over the last month and it’s amazing how differently people can experience different situations and the way we live our lives in Christ. To some we have been like a breath of fresh air that brings light to their dark lives and to others we are the stench of death. So how have we dealt with all of this? Not really well actually. We dance clumsily with those who want to dance and with the others…. we cry a little, pray a little and ask Jesus how can we not give in to violence and thump them let alone love them more”. I sat in our kitchen the other day and was speaking to a Czech Christian who had been to prison for his faith and I was overwhelmed with my lack of understanding, compassion and humility. We have sat and asked each other, why have we gone through all of this since we got to Prague – Juvenile diabetes, kids asthma, landlord violations, trouble sleeping etc? Do you know what dominating thought comes to my mind, “we are all called to wear the stripes of Christ…”

But, boy we have been blessed – a package arrived today from an ‘Angel’, whom ever you may be knew our need for English reading material and sent some papers from England. Also, our home Church in Perth covered some cost that we didn’t even know we had till they had paid for it. Thank you to all who have done such loving things, it certainly helps us to settle in here having things and people of our old life to fall back on when we can.

So where from here? We are hoping to build upon our relationships with the people that want to dance and join us as we grow in Jesus. We are realising how much we are learners in this world and how much the people we have come to minister to are going to minister to us, teaching us about God as we travel together. We also know the need of our friends out there praying for us ‘cause … I don’t pray well and it’s usually the last thing I do - thankyou prayer people.

Please join us in our thanks and bringing our prayer requests to God

We’re shouting to the Lord; that he will bring clarity to our lives here and make them useful for Him, that we can settle in more and enjoy the diversity of the culture and characters here, Please pray for peace or protection from our Landlord and his family as we endeavour to decide which is the best move to make in the future and also that those who come to visit and learn here will be blessed as we are blessed with their presence and the gifts from God they bring.

We are dancing with Joy because; we are all getting over an illness and are looking forward to the snow, if only so we can have some fun, for the great relationships that we are part of and the small amount of times we can offer a picture of Jesus to them, because of the peace we have in Christ – not yet fully experienced, but we trust in because we believe it is to come. Cya.

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Wednesday, November 05, 2003  

Just got back from seeing 'Matrix Revolutions' with the whole family - it's a big family that takes up one whole line of seats at the theater.
Well, what can i say... the best of the lot. I don't know whether they made the 2nd one boring on purpose or what, but this one is a must see. Yes there is still a small amount of corny stuff but the graphics and story is unreal. Daniel said that he didn't have his hopes up because of the last one, but all the kids came out in awe - not to mention the adults. Cya.

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Sasha is the man who works in our basement office during the day - Andrew and Debbie's bedroom at night. He is one of the most gracious and gentle men I have ever met. A man who's curent ministry is translating the Bible into modern day Czech for the common man. He is one of two translators in a team of 5 who are supported by faith and others in Czech who see the value of this work. Think of him often - he has a story that shouts the greatness of God from the roof tops - he would say not so, but that only speaks of his humility. Cya.

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Andrew's in London and heading to Dallas over the next week. You can also check out his new blog - Cya.

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"A table in the wilderness" is about Jesus and our journey with him on our new adventure (Psalm 23).

We are Bruce, Sarah Stuart and our great kids - Chelsea 14, Daniel 12, Matthew 11 and Beau 7. As of June 16 2003 we will be making a pilgrimage from Perth - Australia to Prague - Czech Rep and beyond.

Our hope is to create a space where God can minister in cool ways as we wonder around the world and in our ministry with the Boaz project - hearing stories, sheding tears, telling stories and throwing parties.

If you want to contact us you can do so - Here!

Or if you want to support us on our ministry contact our very special Link People - Adrienne and Paul at their place!

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